ATM / Check Card
The PALCO Check Card works just like a credit card, but instead of receiving a bill each month, the funds are debited (deducted) directly from your Checking account. It gives you all of the conveniences of a credit card, but no monthly bill.

The PALCO Check Card gives you shopping freedom and its uses are endless. Withdrawal cash from your savings or checking account for free using an ATM from one of our 32,000 locations. Pay at the pump when you buy gas, or use it at the mall or grocery store. You can even use it to shop online!

Accepted Worldwide
The PALCO Check Card uses the MasterCard® network. Use your Check Card at millions of locations worldwide.

Just Say "Credit"
Even though your check card is a debit card, when the merchant asks, “credit or debit,” just say “credit.” You should do this for two reasons. First, when you use your check card as a credit card, you will be asked to sign your receipt. Your signature makes that receipt a legal document. If you ever have a dispute, your receipt verifies that you made the purchase on a specific day and for a specific amount. This simply adds to your safety when shopping.

Second, by saying “credit” you will be helping your credit union. A debit transaction is conducted through a different network than a credit transaction. PALCO has to pay for every debit transaction, including ATM withdrawals. By choosing credit, PALCO is not charged for the transaction.

Regardless of which transaction you choose, your account is not charged any fees.

NOTE: If you currently have a PALCO ATM card, your Check Card will replace it. Once you receive your check card, your ATM card will be deactivated.
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