Kirby Kangaroo Club
The Kirby Kangaroo Club helps children up to the age of 12 learn to develop good savings habits and reach their goals. Best of all, they’ll have fun along the way. Once enrolled in this innovative and fun program, children will receive Kirby Bucks for saving money at the credit union. Kirby Bucks can then be turned in for prizes. They’ll also receive a semi-annual newsletter, their own savings passbook to record deposits and withdrawals, and access to the entertaining and educational Kirby Kangaroo Club website. Best of all, they’ll learn how to save for their goals and dreams.

To be a Kirby Kangaroo Club member, it’s simple. You must be 12 years of age or under to open a dividend earning Kirby Kangaroo savings account. You need as little as a $5.00 deposit. Call our office today to start your Kirby Kangaroo Club Account!

Click Here for List of Prizes for Kirby Bucks!

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